How do I set a budget for my wedding dress and accessories?
Setting a Budget 1

Here are 8 questions to consider:

1. Who will be paying for your wedding dress?

Will you be paying or will it be mom and dad paying for it? This discussion should take place before you head out to shop for your wedding dress. Without a budget, you might fall in love with a dress that is way out of your price range. That’s no fun

2. Do you have your venue selected?
The venue will help you determine how formal or informal of a wedding dress that you should be looking for.

3. Will it be a very formal wedding or an informal wedding?
Have you determined the dress code for your wedding? That would set the tone of the wedding. Informal wedding dresses that have no trains normally are under $500.

Formal wedding dresses with trains normally are $700 and over. Formal wedding dresses usually require more alterations. Custom Design wedding dresses start from about $1200 and up. For the bride who wants an original design of her own.

The Knot puts the average price of a wedding dress cost at $1099.

For the budget bride: every bridal shop has some clearance wedding dresses so not to worry, there is something for every bride. You might consider looking at consignment wedding dresses as some of them have never been worn. You could also consider renting a wedding dress ensemble.

4. Will you be needing alterations on your dress?
Alterations are almost always a separate charge. The cost will depend on what needs to be done to the dress.

Informal wedding dresses will cost less to alter as the construction of the garment is not as intricate.
Formal wedding dresses will require a bustle and that alone would raise the cost of the alteration charges.
Custom Design wedding dresses – alterations are included in the total price.

5.Will you be wearing a veil?

A veil will be another separate cost. Normally a veil is not worn with an informal wedding dress, however, it still depends on the venue. If you are getting married in a chapel with an informal dress, you could wear a simple veil. Veils can range in price from $35 to $1,000 or more.

6. Jewelry and hair accessory are a must, right?
Again, it depends on how elaborate your wedding dress is. So this again is another additional cost.

7. Will you be needing special undergarments?

Strapless bra, Spanx, Leggings, corset, etc. Be sure to add this to your total cost.

8. Have you thought about your shoes?

You definitely need your shoes, right. Again, the cost of your shoes will depend on how elaborate your wedding dress will be. You may want some fun or comfortable shoes for the reception.

So your wedding dress + alterations + jewelry & hair accessories + veil + undergarments + shoes = Total Budget for your Wedding Dress Attire.

I hope these 8 questions and tips help you with preparing for your big day. I love working with brides to make their dream day and dress come true and am happy to help you with this process!

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