Do I need to add a bustle to my wedding dress? There is no rule of thumb that says you must have a bustle.

A bustle is usually done after the ceremony and right before the reception.  There are several reasons why it is “wise” to have a bustle made:

  1. Ease of Movement.  It is just practical and easier to move around when the train is shortened into a bustle.  When the bride does the first dance, she doesn’t really want to be holding her train on her arm.  The bustle will allow the brides hands to be free to hug people with ease.
  2. Prevents Damages. Some brides will forego having a bustle made because of cost.  However, damages to the train will cost even more to repair than a bustle.
  3. Gives the Bride a different look for the Reception. In Asian weddings, it was a tradition where the bride made four (4) different changes for her wedding.  The white formal kimono for the ceremony, colorful kimono for the reception, a white wedding dress for the ceremony, and a colorful ballgown for the reception.  The rental cost of four (4) garment changes and hair and makeup changes would average about $25,000.

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In America, the Bride would wear her wedding dress all night long.  So, to make it look different, she would remove her veil and bustle the dress and add on a different hair ornament or add flowers to her hair.  The bustle can change the look of her wedding dress.

There are different kinds of bustles so please be sure to discuss the different types with your alteration person when doing your first fitting.  The French bustles would give you more of a pouf at the back.  The American bustle would fall smoother at the back.  It all depends on the look that you want.

So to answer the question Do I want to have a bustle made for my wedding dress, I think the answer should be “Yes” for the reasons given above.  You will make the final decision as the Bride.

Please let me know if I can be of any help!

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