Let’s Make a Deal – Wedding Gowns on Sale!

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How much will it cost for Alterations?
June 28, 2017
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Create your own Dream Wedding Dress!
August 16, 2017
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“Let’s Make a Deal” – Wedding Gowns on Sale!

All Wedding Dresses except for Custom Design Dresses are marked at 50% off.

  1. All Sale prices are calculated at a 50% off savings. You can “Make a Deal” by coming to booth #225 at the Hawaii Bridal Expo or by emailing pick@irenesredlabel.com and submitting your price.  This will start negotiations.  When a mutually agreed upon price is reached, payment will be required.
  2. You will be taking home the wedding dress with you. There will be a storage fee starting at $25 (depending on the length of time for storage) if you decide not to take it with you.
  3. Alterations are not included in the sale price.
  4. Any alterations or adjustments that were made on any of the dresses will be notated on the tag.
  5. Call or text 808-226-2053. Or, email pick@ienesredlabel.com .

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