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Ariel’s Original

“For my wedding dress I knew I would have a hard time finding what I like.  Not only am I picky, but I rarely wear dresses and I am very “hippy”.  While walking around at the bridal expo, I came across Irene’s Red Label.  I saw the word custom and was instantly interested.  I waited to talk to Irene to find out a little more information, looked at her previous designs, and was sold!
When I came in for my appointment, Irene let me try on a few dresses to see what I like.  Since I had been shopping around, I knew the style I wanted and ended up finding a very close to perfect dress in Irene’s shop.  I told her what other details I wanted to have incorporated into the dress and she was able to do so.  Irene was very knowledgeable about dresses and gave me great advice when designing the dress.
Being that I was buying the dress sight unseen (except for a sketch) I was a bit nervous.  I had to look on Irene’s website to ease my mind.  There, I found previous sketches that she had done with the actual dress.  The dresses came out almost exactly as the sketch, so it gave me a boost of confidence that my dress would be fine.
The only trouble that I had in this process was the timing.  My dress got lost in shipping and ended up in Alaska.  Irene worked hard to find it and it ended up coming in the day before I flew out for my wedding.  I had no time for alterations, but thankfully they were not needed.  The dress fit perfectly, and I had a corset back, so that helped as well.  Irene was very helpful.  She stayed late that night steaming my dress and showed me how to handle it as I traveled.
I absolutely LOVED my dress and am so happy I took the custom route.  I don’t think I would have been truly satisfied if I had just bought a dress off a rack.”
Ariel Maranan.