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I hope that you are having a wonderful Summer!  It’s been hot and rainy but lucky we live in Hawaii.  How are your wedding plans going?  Do as much as you can as early as you can so the last  minute things that pop up will not stress you.

One of the things that must occur as part of your wedding dress fittings is alterations on your wedding dress.

Do I need Alterations on a Wedding Dress?

YES, you do need alterations on your wedding dress.  If the fit and length is perfect, you will still need a bustle made as your dress does not usually come with a bustle.

How much do Alterations run on a Wedding Dress?

Difficult question to answer but I will attempt to answer it for you.

  1. Taking in the side seams.  If it is loose on your bodice, it will need to be taken in at the side seams.  Depending on the construction of the dress, the side seams may have boning in them or simple stitching.  If it has boning in it, the cost of alterations will be higher as a pocket is made to slide the boning into the seam.   Price ranges from $40 to $80 or more.


  1. Letting out the side seams.  Most wedding dresses have at least a 2-3 inch seam allowance to let out.  However, there are times when more than 3 inches are needed and also times when the outer lace layer does not have as much seam as the lining inside.  So that would mean that a gusset piece would need to be added and lace would need to be added as well.  It is always more difficult to let out than it is to take in.  Price ranges from $60 to $150 or more.


  1. Shortening the Hem. Shortening the hem depends on how full the skirt is and how many layers there are.  Depending on the construction, each layer must be shortened.  If there is a scalloped lace trim on the hemline, it must be trimmed by hand and moved up to maintain the same look.  Fabric is also a consideration.  Price ranges from $80 to $250 and up.


  1. Bustles As mentioned in my previous blog post, wedding dresses do not normally come with a bustle.  Bustles have to be added on.  The cost will depend on how many loops are needed to get it up in a nice pattern.  Price ranges from $50 to $150 or more.


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Before & After 4 – Back

  1. Customized Alterations. Customized alterations are done by appointments only as we need to see the dress on before we can give any quotes on the type and amount of alterations that needs to be done.  Construction factors must also be taken into account.  We could do a plunging low back but there needs to be support to keep the front of the dress up.  Price range:  to be determined.

Alterations require a lot of handwork.  If you purchased a $199 wedding dress on line, don’t be surprised if your alterations are more than the cost of the dress.  And, if the workmanship is not good, it may cost you even more to re-do it.

Remember to add the cost of alterations to the wedding dress when you are planning your budget.

Feel free to call me for an appointment to get an estimate for your alterations.  I am happy to be of any help.


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We’ve Moved!

June 28, 2017
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How much will it cost for Alterations?

I hope that you are having a wonderful Summer!  It’s been hot and rainy but lucky we live in Hawaii.  How are your wedding plans going?  […]