Do I need to wear a White Wedding Dress?

The answer is NO!  Tradition mandated that a wedding dress be white for purity and innocence.  In the mid-90’s a revolution occurred in wedding dress colors where the manufacturers’ went against tradition and more with color draping which showed that white and silver are the two most difficult colors for the majority of women to wear.

When I got married, I broke tradition and I wore an ivory wedding dress.  My mom was furious because back then, ivory was only worn for second marriages.  We called it “refrigerator white” because it was so bright and blinding.  Well, I am fair and when I tried on the white gowns, I looked so washed out and I would have to wear a lot of makeup which I don’t normally wear.

The modern Bride today is very fortunate to have a wide variety of color choices.  Colors play an important role in the style of the wedding dress.  Today, there are dresses in the line that are offered in white but minimal.  Majority will be in ivory or different shades.


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Color variations for Wedding Dresses


There are several factors to consider:

  • Your skin tone. The color of your complexion will also help you determine the color of your wedding dress.  Try to determine this before you start to select a color scheme for your wedding.  I have had brides who finalized their color scheme for their wedding and as she tried on wedding gowns, she kept saying, “Oh, I’m going to have to completely change my color scheme”.
  • Keep in mind that your wedding dress should help you to look beautiful. It is you, the Bride, who should be the focal point and so when you come around the corner and the groom and everyone else sees you, their eyes should go directly to your beautiful face.  If you want your dress to be the focal point, then you can choose it accordingly.  In my experience, the dress should not be overwhelming the beauty of the bride.
  • Be sure to choose the color of your wedding dress before choosing the bridesmaids’ dress color. You are the most important person in this wedding and you need to look the most beautiful so do not compromise the color of your dress to fit the color of your bridesmaids.

Remember that there is no longer “right” or “wrong”.  I have brides who have a family already and want to wear white because they always dreamed of wearing white on their wedding day.

Have FUN while shopping for your wedding dress.  Be open to try on different colors and different silhouettes to determine what is best for your figure shape and your complexion.

May 21, 2017
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Do I have to wear a White Wedding Dress?

Do I need to wear a White Wedding Dress? The answer is NO!  Tradition mandated that a wedding dress be white for purity and innocence.  In […]
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